Accessible NCAA Tournament Bracket

About this Website

The Accessible NCAA Tournament Bracket was created by Terrill Thompson in 2006 to meet an unmet need. All other online tournament brackets and pools have historically been inaccessible to basketball fans who are blind (using screen reader software); physically unable to use a mouse (using keyboard, speech input, or other assistive technologies); or in need of custom configurations (such as large fonts or high contrast color schemes).

The flagship feature of this site is the bracket. It's an accessible bracket because it uses well-structured, standards-based markup that makes it easy for non-visual users to navigate and understand the relationships between games. For tips on how to navigate the bracket with a screen reader, see the Help page.

A tournament pool was added in 2012, which enabled users to make their own tournament picks and track their progress throughout the tournament. There are many online tournament pools like this, but historically few if any of them use standard HTML form fields to capture users' picks, and have a wide variety of other accessibility problems. In 2023, one of the mainstream bracket sites, Yahoo Fantasy Tourney Pick'em, was showing signs that they were taking accessibility seriously, and after exchanging some emails with Yahoo's accessibility team, Terrill decided to discontinue hosting a tournament pool on this site, and redirected past participants to Yahoo. For additional information about this decision see Terrill's blog post my retirement from college basketball.