Accessible NCAA Tournament Bracket

About this Website

The Accessible NCAA Tournament Bracket is a prototype for making March Madness more accessible to the full spectrum of college hoops fans, including those using non-visual interfaces such as screen readers and those who are physically unable to use a mouse.

The flagship feature of this site is the bracket. It's an accessible bracket because it uses well-structured, standards-based markup that makes it easy for non-visual users to navigate and understand the relationships between games. For tips on how to navigate the bracket with a screen reader, see the Help page.

Another cool feature is the pool, which allows users to make their own tournament picks, and compare their bracket with other players. There are many online tournament pools like this, but few if any of them use standard HTML form fields to capture users' picks. This pool uses HTML forms and is fully accessible to everyone, although you have to play in order to experience it!

Below is a list of accessibility features of this site. For additional detail, see my blog post from 2010 titled Accessible March Madness.

I welcome your feedback and feature requests. Please feel free to contact me via my web form or on Twitter at @terrillthompson

Features of the Bracket

Features of the Tournament Pool

Other Features of the Website