Introducing MOATmix

On New Years Eve 2015, I completed my latest music project which I'm calling MOATmix (MOAT = Music Of All Time). MOATmix is a celebration of the music that has shaped our lives for generations, and is now available by invitation only at Over three years in the making, this is my most ambitious, and arguably coolest, musical project to date. In fact, it's so cool that I've decided to limit access for now to a private audience by invitation only. If you're a close personal friend of mine and would like to be on the invite list, please drop me a line.

#a11y rocks!

My song Man with Small F (The Inaccessible PDF Song), originally released on my Flow Theory Flavors album, is now featured on a compilation album called ‪A11y‬ Rocks!

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Man with Small F features a screen reader on vocals, trying but failing to make sense of a PDF document that wasn't created properly for accessibility. There's more of a back-story, plus lyrics, on the Man With Small F Liner Notes page. Screen readers are tools used by blind computer users, enabling them to access computer-based information and applications via synthesized speech rather than a screen. The most popular screen reader is a product called JAWS (Job Access with Speech), which costs consumers over $1000 plus hundreds more for each major upgrade, released about once per year. For decades blind computer users (the most disproportionately underemployed of all minority groups) have had to pony up or be left behind.

But now there's a new kid on the block, NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access). It's an open source screen reader that was developed by a couple of blind guys in Australia, and is available for free. All proceeds from the sale of A11y Rocks! go to accessibility-related causes, including NV Access, to support continued development of NVDA. The album is only £3 (under $5 at today's exchange rate) and you get a dozen cool tunes in addition to my own, plus you'll be supporting a worthy and much-needed project

Check out the A11y‬ Rocks! website for additional info. And thanks for supporting accessibility! Rock on!

Best of FAWM 2012

Ah, March at last! It's been a wild and crazy February. I've spent half the month at conferences, launched a major upgrade to, and still somehow managed—for the fourth consecutive year—to write, record, and upload 14.5 songs for February Album Writing Month ( My breakneck sleep-free pace was evident in the quality of some of my songs - 8 of the 14.5 tunes were very rough sketches improvised into my iPhone, and 6 of those were recorded while driving.

That said, a few of the songs really turned out well. Here are my favorites:

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Flow Theory Flavors

Flavors was my second commercial CD, released in 2009 under the name Flow Theory. It features balanced, full-bodied jazz-, blues-, and world-influenced folk rock with delicate floral notes and lingering finishes. I provide all sounds and flow — primarily voice, guitars, percussion, and sounds captured from the world around me — and mix them all together into a hot, delightfully palatable soup du jour.

Mastermind Terrill Thompson has created a crafty book of work that flows from song to song, keeping the listener involved and interested.
What's Up! Magazine
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Everything and More

Whaddya know. I've just released a two-volume set titled Everything and More. This is my first outing under my own name, having previously recorded as Flow Theory, and before that Morality Rock. Everything and More is available for download only, partly as a cost saving measure, but primarily because I'm anti-stuff. There are already more than enough CDs in the world. I thought I'd reduce my footprint and lighten your load.

This page is the official Everything and More page. As such, it may be the only place where you'll see both the front and back covers:

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