This page was created for isolating a problem I'm experiencing with my experimental accessible HTML5 Audio Playlist. The problem: How do you load and play a new source file in Firefox 3.x? This example has been successfully tested in Opera 10.62, Google Chrome 6.0, Safari 5.0, and Firefox 4.0 beta: In each of these browsers, clicking on a song title in the playlist swaps new source files into the <audio> player's nested <source> elements, and eventually triggers the canplay and canplaythrough events, after which the new media can be played. In Firefox 3.x, the source files are swapped, but an error is returned as Firefox is attempting to load the new media. The audio.error.code is always MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED, and networkState is 4 (which isn't even in the HTML5 spec). Was it in an earlier version? Is there a workaround?

The Audio Player

The Playlist

Select any song title from the following list to load that song in the HTML5 audio player. If load is successful, you can then play the song by clicking the play button.

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