Heart Blues

This a New Orleans -style zen blues chant. Thanks to Noah and Zoƫ Thompson for lending their vocal talents.


Oh the great depression has come back again
I'm gettin' my food outa garbage cans
I'm goin' downtown gonna see my friends
gonna forget my troubles while the bands are playin'

I ain't got no home
I ain't got no job
I ain't got no insurance
I ain't got nobody that I can depend on

Oh the great depression has come back again
Why does the music after have to end?
The night is young but the band stopped playin'
It's 2am but I am stayin'
yeah I am stayin'
yeah I am stayin'
yeah I am stayin' .....

I ain't got no home (no home no home)
I ain't got no eyes (no eyes no eyes)
I ain't got no ears (no ears no ears)
I ain't got no nose (no nose no nose)
I ain't got no tongue (no tongue no tongue)
no body, no mind (ain't got neither of those)
No color, no sound (nuh-uh, nuh-uh)
No taste, no touch, (no sir, no ma'am)
No object of mind (No object no)
No consciousness
No old age and death (and no extinction of it)
No ignorance (and no extinction of it)
I ain't got no suffering (Noooo No!)
No origination (Noooo No!)
I ain't got no stopping (Noooo No!)
I aint no path (Noooo No!)
I ain't got no cognition (Noooo No!)
I ain't got no attainment

Hey. There ain't nothing to attain!

Gone, gone,
gone beyond,
gone way beyond,
Woo hoo!

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