About Terrill

Hey, it's me Terrill. For decades I've been exploring the relationship between sound and self. This website is my channel for sharing that with you.

Three Records

  • Everything and More, a two-volume set that I released under my own name. As the title suggests, it covers a lot of musical ground.
  • Flavors, by Flow Theory
  • Morality Rock - music inspired by the subliminal backward messages in the speeches of George W. Bush

What Next?

I'm currently in a period of dormancy, though that's not to say I'm silent. I'm focused less on output and more on development (finally learning to play piano, improving my digital mixing and production chops, and wading slowly into the world of composing for film). I have a long list of music-related projects I'm working on as time allows, and intend to update this blog more regularly in the future (which starts Now). Subscribe to this blog via RSS for all the latest developments in my world of sound! Stay tuned!

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