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Whaddya know. I've just released a two-volume set titled Everything and More. This is my first outing under my own name, having previously recorded as Flow Theory, and before that Morality Rock. Everything and More is available for download only, partly as a cost saving measure, but primarily because I'm anti-stuff. There are already more than enough CDs in the world. I thought I'd reduce my footprint and lighten your load.

This page is the official Everything and More page. As such, it may be the only place where you'll see both the front and back covers:

Front Cover

Front cover, a photo of the vast, infinite universe in vivid color, courtesy of NASA

Back Cover

Back cover, divided into halves, Day (represented by a photo of the sun) and Night (represented by a photo of the moon). Each half includes the track listing for that volume

You can listen to every track below. You can also check out liner notes, lyrics, and whatnot for each track. If you like what you hear I'd be honored if you'd consider making a purchase. You can find Everything and More almost anywhere music downloads are sold, including the following sources:

CD Baby iTunes Amazon Mp3


  • First!
  • Come On to the Mountains
  • Angry
  • Prime Eight Blues
  • I Really Am A Marshmallow
  • Taking A Shower
  • The Criminal
  • Some Things
  • Leaving
  • Sylly Sillable Song
  • Everything
  • Still Life With Clocks
  • Late Night, Talking With You
  • Every Letter
  • Almost Time
  • The Early Ears

One thought on “Everything and More

  1. Terry, I absolutley love it! You're certainly a talented muscian. I think listening to all those old 45's like Ballroom Blitz back in the day must of stuck with you. My hat is off to you! Brian

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